Sunday Hunting is now authorized for all Fort Bragg Hunting Permit holders!  Migratory Bird Hunting (Dove, Duck, Goose, etc) is not authorized on Sundays IAW State Law. All other Signout/in procedures, times, hunting schedules, and the calendar have not changed from normal.  All deer harvested on Fort Bragg need to be brought to the Check Station. 


Reminder: Hunters should always report harvest of any game when queried by iSportsman on signin (in addition to any state reporting).


Check Station, Harvest, and Other Reporting:

Your accurate harvest reporting is a vital part of Fort Bragg’s wildlife population modelling and management.  Additionally, Biological Check Station data is essential to the monitoring of individual and herd health, vigor, recruitment, mortality, and disease; which in turn are applied to population management and harvest strategies. Under our current deer herd circumstances this data is imperative for our continued deer hunting, to ensure that our population and harvest is sustainable.  We greatly appreciate hunter support by in all harvested deer.   


We also appreciate hunter support in reporting any and all observations of unauthorized hunting, harvest, or other activity.  Call us if you have a question, but call 907-4813 (911 Center) to both document and report any and all unauthorized activities so that we can shut them down.


Check out our map of kiosk locations for checkin/out


Avenza is a free app available for iPhone and Android.  We have a georeferenced PDF of the Hunting and Fishing map that is compatible with that app.  Click here to download the map, and simply upload it in to Avenza.  It's pretty cool!



See our March - May 2018 calendar, posted 24 January 2018.  It displays open and closed hunt days.  


Reminder: our typical hunt week is Wednesday through Sunday. 



Haven't completed a state hunter safety course? 

You may search available course schedule, and register, at the NC Wildlife Resource Commission website.



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