Firewood Gathering


The gathering of firewood on Fort Liberty is permitted for individuals who have in their possession a valid firewood gathering permit (Firewood Permit).  To obtain a permit, each individual wishing to obtain a Firewood Permit must create an iSportsman account.  To create an account, click on Register on the Home Page of  If you already have an iSportsman account, simply log into our portal using the website above.  Pursuant to federal statute and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers implementing regulations, firewood is considered government real property and must be purchased by the permitted individual collecting the firewood (see 10 USC 2665 and ER 405-1-12).  The firewood permit requirement also applies to disabled veterans and those deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration.


Only down trees may be gathered for firewood.  Cutting/felling of standing trees is prohibited.  Fort Liberty offers 3 day and annual Firewood Permits.  Three-day permits are $5, and the dates for which the permit is valid may be selected by the individual acquiring the permit.  Annual Firewood Permits are $20 and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Permitted individuals collecting firewood must check into and out of one of the 10 firewood gathering areas and must display a vehicle control card that is visible on the dashboard of their vehicle.  Upon check out, permitted individuals are required to report the quantity of firewood collected in cords (a full size pick up with an 8 foot bed filled to the bed rail is approximately ½ cord).  Permitted, checked in individuals may have unpermitted individuals (spouse, children, etc.) assist with the gathering of firewood.  During the deer gun hunting season (roughly 1 October through 1 January), all members of the firewood gathering party must wear a blaze orange hat and/or vest for safety purposes.  As a rule, firewood gathering days coincide with Fort Liberty’s open hunting days.  Firewood gathering hours may be restricted based on certain hunting seasons, especially the spring turkey hunting season.



Below are the conditions that Firewood Permit purchasers must agree to during the permit acquisition process


1. I, the purchaser, will collect firewood from downed trees only.  I will neither cut nor fell any live trees.

2.  I, the purchaser, acknowledge that all firewood collected will be for personal use only. 

3.  I, the purchaser, will suppress any fires incidental to the exercising of this permit, and assume full responsibility for any damage caused by any fire caused by me.

4.  I, the purchaser, will collect and remove firewood in such a manner as to minimize any damage to all mature trees, seedlings, saplings and other vegetation present in my firewood gathering area.

5.  I, the purchaser, agree to exercise caution in all operations on the property of the United States and to assume full responsibility for any and all damage caused by me.

6.  I, the purchaser, will save and hold the United States Government harmless for all damages to property or injury to all persons arising from the use of this permit, or for any damages that may result from the removal of firewood while exercising this permit.

7.  I, the purchaser, acknowledge that I will collect firewood on an active military reservation, and I agree to neither interfere with nor create any conflict with the military mission/training.

8.  I, the purchaser, understand that this permit will terminate at the date displayed on said permit.

9.  I, the purchaser, understand that I will check into and out of a specific firewood area using iSportsman, that I will display a vehicle control card on the dashboard of my vehicle while collecting firewood, and that I will have my valid Fort Liberty Firewood Permit in my possession while collecting firewood on Fort Liberty or Camp Mackall.