Frequently Asked Questions


How has the pandemic affected your operations on Fort Liberty?

Primarily in how permits are issued.  Normally hunting and/or fishing permits are issued exclusively here at the office, but you now have the option to buy your permit online from anywhere.  Step by step instructions on how to obtain a permit (as well as view the hunter orientation briefing) can be found on our main hunting page.


I am a civilian with no affiliation to the military or Fort Liberty.  Am I eligible to buy a post hunting and/or fishing permit?

Yes, you are.  The process is effectively the same as described above.  The main difference is gaining access to the cantonment (city part of the installation) without a military ID.  You will first have to stop by the Visitor Control Center adjacent to the All American Access Control Point (gate) north of Fayetteville to obtain a visitor pass.  


How does the hunter check in and out work?  

Hunters may check in using the iSportsman (web-based system) beginning at 12:01 am the day of the hunt using any web-capable device.  Once logged in to the system, the check in process is fairly self explanatory.  Make sure you pay attention and follow ALL the steps until you see a notification page confirming your check in is complete.  If you get in a hurry and quit before you see this page, you are not checked in and thus hunting illegally.  At the conclusion of your hunt, hunters MUST check out by the designated no later than time, which is displayed on your check in confirmation.  You may use any web-capable device to check in and out.  Make sure you fill out and display a vehicle control card once checked in. 


I would like to plan my deer hunts once gun season begins.  Do you have the areas posted?

We receive a weekly memo from Range Control with a list of lettered training areas where hunters may hunt with a rifle.  This list changes week to week, and often day to day, and only includes the upcoming hunt week.  Not beyond.  We'll post the open area sheet weekly, but as the disclaimer notes, these areas are subject to change as training needs arise (but that doesn't happen often).


So if checkin begins at 00:01 should I set my alarm to guarantee a spot??

Not necessarily!  Archery hunts and small game hunts are not limited by a set quota.  Meaning, a spot will never "fill up".  Same can be said for scouting.  You can get up at midnight to checkin, but it affords no advantage to checking in right before you leave the house.  Deer gun areas and turkey areas do, however, have quotas so the possibility does exist that your chosen area could be full by the time you arise.  You have all the information; set your alarm as you see fit! 


I'm trying to go hunting but it's telling me that no activities are available.  What's the deal?

Fort Liberty is typically closed for scouting/hunting on Mondays and Tuesdays.  However, occasionally there are exceptions.  If you see there are no activities available, refer to the calendar to confirm that hunting is open that day.  If it is and you still see that message please give us a call at the office.  910-432-5427. 


I want to go fishing but do not see an option to checkin.  Am I doing something wrong?

No you are not.  Checkin is not required to go fishing.


Can I hunt and fish every day on Fort Liberty?

Unless specifically closed (we'll post signs) all lakes are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of McFayden, which is open only during daylight hours.  Fort Liberty is typically closed to hunting and scouting on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The only exception is when a Federal Holiday is observed on a Monday; in that case we'll be open that Monday, and closed the following Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will also be open for hunting daily during the Army's half-day schedule (usually the week before and week after Christmas).  We'll be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Check out the calendar (updated July 2023) for additional information. 

Whenever we deviate from our normal hunting schedule we'll post it on the main Hunting page and on our Facebook page.


I'd like to have a map of the installation.  Can I find one online?

Yes, you can.  Go to the Maps section of the website  There you will find a georeferenced hunting map you can download to your mobile device.  If you have a mapping app (Avenza is a good one) you can simply upload the map into the application which will allow you to see your location on the map as you move about the installation.


Do you plant food plots?  If so, where are they?

We generally try to plant ~150 food plots scattered across the installation; sometimes more, sometimes less as resources allow.  We plant a cool season forage, usually abruzzi rye and/or winter wheat.  We'll mix in some Austrian winter peas or iron clay peas as well.  There is a link on our MAPS page that shows all food field locations within a given training area.  These maps are not, nor will they be, updated to reflect which specific fields are planted each year; they are merely a reference so you may learn where they are.  We believe that scouting is an integral part of hunting.       


Where can I find the dates and locations for a Hunter Education Course?

North Carolina Hunter Education Courses are given throughout the year by various groups or agencies.  You should check your local newspaper or call the NCWRC for information on course dates and locations.  Local scheduled courses can be found by following this link.


How much does a Fort Liberty Permit cost?

Prices vary depending on what type of permit you wish to obtain.  Check out the permits page for a list of permits and the cost associated with each one.


Which fish and wildlife species can be harvested?

Fort Liberty is home to a variety of native game and fish species.  White-tailed deer hunting is our most popular activity; however, many permit holders also regularly hunt mourning doves, quail, squirrels (gray and fox), waterfowl, and wild turkeys.  Opportunites to hunt coyotes, bobcats, foxes, crows, raccoons, and opossums are also available.  Most lakes on the installation feature a largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish (shellcracker) species composition.  Channel catfish and black crappies can also be caught.  Please refer to the hunting page or the fishing page for additional information.


Is baiting allowed on Fort Liberty?

No.  You may not hunt over an area that has been baited, regardless of the game species sought. Please note that while a number of our regulations mirror the State of North Carolina's, this is an example of one that differs.


What is the Quality Deer Management Area and how can I hunt there?

The Muddy Creek Quality Deer Management Area (QDMA) includes the entire Northern Training Area (NTA 1-8), as well as the NTA ASP and Croatan.  This area is managed for older age class males, higher buck:doe ratios, and lower hunter density.  Antlered deer must have an inside spread of 12 inches or greater OR at least 3 points (at least one inch long) on 1 side to be legally harvested, regardless of weapon used.  This restriction will protect the yearling age class and most of the 2 1/2 yr. age class allowing them to reach older age before harvest.  Hunting in this management area, like the rest of Fort Liberty, will be contingent on military training requirements.  Hunter sign-out for these areas will work exactly like signing out to any other lettered training area.  However, it is incumbent upon the hunter to know and abide by the harvest restrictions.


Do I need to register my firearms to hunt on Fort Liberty?

Yes. Weapon registration is done at the All American Visitor center located at the All American gater.  Here is the weapon registration form you will need to do so.  You must fill it out and either submit via email, or print it and hand carry it to the Visitor Control Center.  For more information you may call 910.432.8193.


How may I shoot at the firearm and archery ranges next to your office?

You can inquire directly at the range.  Counterintuitive as it may seem, they actually operate independently of us so they (and only they) can adequately address your questions. You may reach them at (910) 432-1391.


I can't find the answer I need.  Now what?

You may call us at (910) 432-5427, or contact us via email at  Staff office hours are 0730-1700 hours Monday through Friday.