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Fishing Season is here!



Remember, to legally hunt, you have to get a permit and signout before you enter woods; use the vehicle control cards; and check out (any web-capable device) no later than the designated time. 

Note: Only permitted hunters and anglers are authorized on firebreaks even if marked "No POV's" (to and from hunting/fishing locations), but are not authorized in any locations that are labeled "Absolutely No POV's".  For questions or comments please contact Wildlife.


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If you wish to buy a hunting or fishing permit for Fort Bragg, you must first create an iSportsman account.  Click "My Account" above, then click "Register".  You must come to the Hunting and Fishing Center to purchase your permit; however, pre-registering will expedite your permitting process.



As part of the Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division our mission is to provide Fort Bragg, Camp Mackall and the surrounding community with safe, quality hunting and fishing opportunities, dedicated and professional fish and wildlife management, natural resources stewardship, and environmental and natural resources law enforcement.


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Questions about hunting and fishing on Fort Bragg?  Check out our frequently asked questions page

Please visit our Permits page for information on purchasing Hunting and/or Fishing permits

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2175 Reilly Road, Stop A


Bldg. OT-9034, McKellar's Road*

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*Search "McKellar's Lodge, Fort Bragg" on Google.  Our office is immediately across the street


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