Food Field Locations



We've assembled individual JPEGs so you may review the spatial arrangement of food fields in lettered training and archery areas.  The entire area may not be displayed on some maps.  If that is the case, it simply means there aren't any fields in those sections.   



Please keep in mind that most of our fields are on a two to three year planting rotation. Consequently, not every field will get planted every year.  Also, these maps show only the locations of fields; not when they were last cultivated. 

We believe that scouting is an integral part of hunting.




AA1     AA2     BB1     BB2     BB3     CC1     CC2     D     DD1     DD2     DD3     EE1

EE2     EE2&3     FF East     FF West     GG1     GG2     GG3     H     HH1     HH2     HH3

HH4     II1     II2     II3&4     J     JJ     K     L1     L2     M1     M2     N1     N2     NN     NTA1

NTA2     NTA3     NTA4 (prior to Linden Oaks)     NTA5 (Croatan)*     NTA6     NTA7     NTA8

OO     P1     P2     PP     Q1     Q2     QQ     R     RR     S1     S2     S3 North     S3 South

SS     T North     T South     TT1&2     TT3     U     UU1     UU2     V1     V2     W1     W2

X     Y1 North     Y1 South & Y2     Y3&4     Z1 North & Z2     Z1 South


*The area shown is that portion of NTA5 west of NC Hwy 87, and is part of Croatan Archery Area.  There are no food plots in NTA5 east of 87.